Did you miss me?

Wow, what a 2015 year! So many things happened that… I am too tired to really talk/write about it now. Later maybe, baby.

Okay, a short summary: quit job, started psychology class, started blogging, moved from Europe to Asia, started new job, more traveling less blogging… I missed you guys!

Anyway, now is 2016 and it seems to go even faster with other endings and new beginnings: one of my paintings  was noticed and got bought and I have been asked to create a collection.

A whole collection of 10 to  12 paintings. For Friday. It’s Wednesday. Okay, I was asked last week, still. I said “Yeaaah hm okay but huh… how about the Friday next month?” As much I wish to be able to, I can’t possibly pull paintings out of my round ass. I did not say that though I guess everybody got the point.

Also, a guy clicked on my Instagram account (where you find basically almost nothing for it was created in the sole purpose of stalking other people’s accounts) and decided to pay a massive amount of money (that I did not bargain in case he realized he was being insane) for a design I have made from a doodle of my legs. In leggings. On my couch.

My legs on my couch, yes.

Well, now my legs are on his wall in high-definition. Odd. But convenient as it pays Babylove’s art supply. Yeah, he’s already crazy about colors and paints. And my landlady proves very supportive.

Though I keep remembering this Pablo Picasso quote and feeling somewhere between uncertain and thrilled:

“Painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war”

Aaaah… life. Bring me some more questionings and wonders. And please please please make me strong enough to quit occasional French party smoking, damn it!

So. Did you miss me?

I swear this one is an old pic from when I thought I could be a model.