A little vanity never killed nobody…

…or so I hope.

A horrible thing is happening to me in Singapore: I am discovering yet another true myself. A vain myself. And a little arrogant too. Probably it came together in a package, along with the clothes I bought online.

But truth be told, I should come clear: I was already a little of both before. I have always liked fashion and looking at what people wear in the world. And I have also always appreciated that people appreciate the way I wear my clothes – you know, two people can wear the same outfit and give a total different impression. It’s the attitude. You wear it even naked.

In Singapore, when I look around, I see ladies and gents wearing kind of different outfits, but all looking alike. Somehow. Especially in Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place. Or anywhere for that matters. I do not believe that it has to do with the fact that I lost my glasses (again) – though it could be, why not…

Serina Wee wearing corpo rats outfit like most people in SG

Credits: Serina Wee on SingaporeSeen

But then, on my I am bored to work and I don’t want to mother right now time, I googled stuff like “Singapore fashion at work – why do they all look the same in their fancy expensive clothes??”. A funny article about how to attract Singaporean men came up. More or less. And it opened my eyes (you should see me opening my eyes now, seriously.)
Indeed, with all the time they spend at work (really crazy IMHO – but who am I to judge?), ladies and gents alike must optimize what’s left and use office time. Sometimes in the MRT or the bus, I look at people’s smartphone screens. Have a guess what I see most of the time.

Dating apps or websites.

(And games, or kung-fu movies, but that’s not the point of my post. Though I could tell you about that time I was watching so intensely above the shoulder of my seat neighbor that he gave me one of his earphone. I almost blushed. Now we are Facebook friends. He’s very nice and a bit shy.)

Anyway… where was I?
Dating and clothing and why everybody looks the same even wearing sorta different stuff. Well, sorta. That’s the trick. And also, the attitude. Hm… I forgot the point of my hypothesis. I think I forgot why I wanted to write this post at the first place.
Ah yes, my vanity.
My boss asked me gently to look more “Singaporean professional” (and less “European whatever”, though he did not say it, I felt strongly what was in his head). So I observed for a while the Singaporean professional way and contemplated the idea of going into that.
Then I realized that I certainly did not have the money for it. Nor the taste, but my boss does not care.

1. I bought online for the first time
2. Stuff being a compromised between Singaporean professional and my personal taste

I received the clothes this morning – and don’t get me started on what happened with the POP Station not working and the lady on the phone shaming my non Singaporean convenientness because I don’t have a smartphone and I would have been able to open this locker with one… okay breathe in breathe out.

I really loved it – most of it. Now I feel like belonging to a special tribe: I will even return some clothes as if it was normal not to know your own size.

And I thought: “Hm, well, even with Singaporean corporate rat outfit, I look different.”

I really loved it too.

Vanity & me: good that it does not kill, or else I'd be dead now.


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