About art, a boy of three, and love hate for technologies – Friday comes about time

I am not sure if you had already realized: I love love art. Or beautiful things, let’s say. Some things I consider art are probably not unanimous among artsy people.

I love drawing, painting, trying new ways, taking pictures, filming stuff, making whatever, having flashes in my head when I take a shower for a new project. These days I am very much into drawing. I use paper and just started the iPad too… it’s just complicated because the screen is broken into pieces.
But hey, we do with what we’ve got.

Maryse Conde, a beautiful author, if you ask me. I mean, physically. I've read about almost nothing of what she's written. But I'll change that.

I have a bit of an obsession with black people and artists, as you may see for the past… two posts. I wonder if I am having a going back to the roots phase or a little travel fatigue.
I have visited many a flat and many a kindergarten. I need to find a home for my family and myself quickly. Hotels and service apartments are awesome and convenient, but they’re no home.

Or I am getting older and I want to settle down.

Kindergartens. Oh my gosh I swear… I SWEAR A LOT actually.
Every time I see one more kiga situated in a horrible office tower, with a special view on the smokers outside, and a lot of space…for little mice. At a wonderful fucking expensive price. Sometimes I shiver during the visit. Okay I have been spoiled with the company kiga we had back in Germany. Not every childcare can afford 220 square meters of land. Especially not in Singap. Yes, I get it. But no I won’t put Babylove in a crazy place where crazy people look at him and tell me that he’ll have to “blend in quickly”.
Not all is dark and awful though, I have found THE pearl. A little house on a little hill with nice fairy carers. Same price. Just a bit away. So be it. It’ll be a nice bicycle tour every morning and evening when we’ll start going there.

In the meantime, Babylove’s scotched to the tablet. Or stuck in the pool. With work getting intenser, my skills as a mother worsen. And I used to look in awe at all those poor kids here, addicted to technologies.
I don’t own a smartphone myself, I’ve always felt very free. And horrified by how quick and well are screens to creep into our lives. Odd from a girl who loves to try everything technological? (Well, I’ve never pretended not to be contradictory.)
However, I reluctantly realize that I am being grateful to the little broken screen and Charlie Brown on YouTube for every half hour I can get to focus on my job.

Job that I really start to find fun.

Friday comes about time.

Isn't it a beautiful once in a decade Friday? Gives me peps for the weekend


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