Lazy Sunday, b**ch time and psycho-punk-art

Today Love took Babylove on a walk to give me some time to study for my exams. A long father-son bonding walk on the beach. They got sunburn – of course… I wasn’t there running after them with my two-liter sunscreen bottle – and ice cream.

I studied… the lines of my palms and the music on my iPod.

Then I motivated myself to do something constructive related to Psychology. I did that:

I am trying myself at Black Punk art.

It is related to Psycho because Freud and psychoanalysis movements think pathos and normality in the continuity of one another. And all of it conflicts and twists in our souls. I tend to think that our souls lie in our stomach, but I did not have enough space on my paper so I just drew a twisted brain. Not supposed to be auto-biographic. Anyway I am not a black man. Yes, even if you can’t see it, this guy is Black – I feel a lot like an AfroPunk these days. Maybe because I don’t meet too many Blacks in Singapore.

Then I went to the beach and almost fainted in seeing Babylove’s sunburn. He’s blond. Odd? Maybe. I get sunburns too sometimes though. I blame it all on my mother (she has very large shoulders, but hey, is that not how mothers are built?).



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