Manage the superficial. (The essential has to come along anyway anytime. Maybe.)

Each and every day at least one idea for a post crosses my mind. Each and every day something happens that makes me smile or think. But I’m tired and lazy.

Isn't it a beautiful once in a decade Friday? Gives me peps for the weekend

On Sunday, one the hottest days since we are here, Love Babylove and I took our hats, sunglasses, flip-flops and sweat our way to the Bird-Park. I have some pictures. Or I had – Babylove lost my SD card. Or I let him loose it. I feel a bit sad. A million pictures, three years. And SD cards are expensive in Singapore. Have to wait my return to Europe.

On Monday we went to Little India for dinner. Walking the long and moist corridors of the MRT was… well, you can imagine (and I don’t know what I want to say, truly). But then, passed the construction area, an exotic place in an exotic place. Odd and spicy and noisy, but in a different way. In an Indian way I assume. There is a new Museum of India opening soon. Maybe I’ll have a look. Or maybe I’ll just eat a cheese prata in the little restaurant just in front and think about having a look later.

On Tuesday I ran for the first time more than 15 minutes outside. You know what? Because I was so proud and happy, I even started to map the route afterwards to create a nice looking picture below.

It would have been here. Imagine a nice looking picture of a map nearby Dhoby Ghaut, China Town, and everything in between with a red line representing the way I ran.

But in the process I realized that I still had laundry waiting to be folded. It’s all the fault of the little green light on the machine.

On Wednesday some friends visited us from the Philippines. They were late. I was annoyed. Babylove was tired and excited, screaming around with his little quirky voice. I thought about putting him back to my womb, to enjoy the silence and the alone-ness. Instead I used my meanest stare on Love and he took over.

On Thursday (yesterday) BL and I went to the Gardens by the Bay. Magical. Expensive. Except the area for the kids. I even regretted having bought some tickets for the covered garden because outside is already beautiful (but HOT) and the kids’ space is free access – with water games and such. I followed Babylove in. Then other parents followed, once ensured that I would not get any fine for it.
At night we went to Newton Hawker Center. I love Singapore, its food, its open food courts… everything related to food in Singapore in fact.

Today we’re leaving to Malaysia for the weekend. I will meet some business partners and I thought: “We should combine with a long weekend!”

It sounds like holidays, doesn’t it? Well, yes, no, maybe. This week I visited 21 flats and six kindergartens. Babylove is still with me, while I’m already working my ass off (during his nap and night). And studying. Not to worry, I have everything under control. More or less. I at least managed two important things today before leaving:

  • to post this
  • and to watch the last episode of the season of The Blacklist



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