#15 “Keep it simple” or Mondays make me think. And enjoy being myself and not complicated people.

Yes, keep it simple. The best way to go through life.

Yesterday Love and I skyped with a friend. He complained that we had not done it before. Love and I looked at one another.

I said: “Well, we’ve been busy, sorry. If you want to call us, call us. Why do you make your life so complicated?”
Then he answered: “Jess, your vision of life is always so simple and easy. But people ain’t like you. You’ve been busy, so when you are available, you call. I just thought you guys had forgotten me already with your new life…”
So I answered: “Life is simple. Not always easy, but if it’s complicated, it’s because you want it this way. If you call, I’m happy. If I am too busy to pick up the phone, I don’t pick up the phone. If I forget to call you back now, I’ll call you back later. If I can pick up the phone, we speak. Otherwise, you wait for my call and you don’t complain about how long I did not call you please.”
Love said: “That’s it. I don’t always agree with her, she’s a sociopath and she does not care about people’s emotions too much, but she’s right sometimes with her simple vision of life.”
I said: “I am not a sociopath.”

Aki and Love said: “Yes you are.”

I thought: “Assholes.”


Life’s too busy and crazy and uncontrollable for me to wait that fate or people do what I want. So I just control what I can influence.

Really. I wish you a happy and successful start in the week.


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