Nothing’s wrong with me. I shall hold on my Employment Pass and my sneakers.

I woke up this morning with thunders and lightnings. I am not talking about my mood, though I could have felt like it as I had only five hours of sleep. No, literally, there was a storm and the sky was electrical.

Then I opened my laptop and my inbox – and oh! great news: an email forwarded by my future boss. From MOM. Isn’t this name awesome? Well it actually means Ministry Of Manpower. Anyway, MOM confirmed my Employment Pass.

I am not a tourist anymore in Singapore!

Something’s wrong with me. I am actually looking forward to work 60 hours a week. Well maybe not that much, I like to sleep and eat and play with my kid and go to the zoo and… and blog.
I am going to bargain in my contract to be able to wear sneakers. Or flip-flops, it’s so damn hot and humid here. Bad habits kept since my time at adidas.



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