Ich Liebster dich auch, danke.

Some days you wake up and you think you’re high. Everything is easy, everybody smiles at you, the street lights are green, it smells laundry in the subway (it did smell laundry in the subway by the way. The lady next to me had her freshly washed clothes with her, and as it happened, she just went everywhere I went. No I did not stalk her, I did things too… after a wasted half hour and the name of her softening product.) Also, the sun shines and butterflies follow you.

Today was such a day, darling. I got legalized (I am allowed to earn money in my new country), Babylove was as easy as it gets (of course you have highs and lows but the lows were not too deep nor too long). I have a new card for my phone and it was no hassle to get it. I got a free box of sushi because I am nice.

That’s a funny story actually. Love loves sushi and always goes to the same place to buy some. Today I passed in front but had no intent to stop (Love is on a business trip to Thailand and I was in a hurry) but the lady asked me why she had not met him these past days. I answered and smiled, and she offered me a box of sushi. Just like that. Cool.

Then my real estate agent told me that he had a short list for me in the exact areas where I want my flat to be.

And now I discovered that my blog has been nominated for the Liebster award by Irene. Cool, girl, ich Liebster dich auch.


The questions to answer

1. Blogging or writing?
Hm, that’s a tough one already.
Well, I never thought I’d be blogging before I started this blog… No, that’s not true: I thought of it many times and then I was too lazy. But blogging is fun. I like fun things. I like blogging.
Yet I always toyed with the idea of writing a BOOK. Being an Author.
Later maybe.
So for now it’s blogging.

2. Writing or typing?
Neither. If I could plug something from my brain to the Internets or my notebooks, I’d do it. I am still looking for a kind smart engineer able to solve that. I don’t even want to speak, I want to just think stuff. Or no, the cable would suck the mere thoughts I have before they are formed. I am entirely sure that this is the time when what my mind creates best. Like, you know, now we avoid processed food because it’s too not what is the best. Raw stuff is. Jess’s raw thoughts are probably clearer than the processed result. Which is better than what I write or say. Maybe.
But if you REALLY want me to choose, I would say tryting. Depends on what I wear, the dimension of my bag, if the Internets are available.

3. What is your best blogging or writing tip you want to share?
Me? I have none. I just started and I just write stuff that happens to me. Because my blog is my public diary.

4. Looking good or feeling good?
My blog or me?
I like good-looking things, so I try to make my blog look good too. True I could do better if I invested a bit, like money-wise. Meeh.
I believe that if you feel good you look good.
I feel good.
And I look good for those who matter, so the rest…

5. What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?
Familying. Loving. Close friending. Good fooding. Enough leisure timing. Sporting. Learning.

6. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Series binge-watching.

7. How do you incorporate play in your life?
I play all the time. My grand-mother used to say that life is like LEGO. You build and you grow and you make it colorful please.

8. When was the last time you had to laugh so hard you’d cried and why was that?
I think I was watching a movie a month ago. Don’t remember which one though. Also, I am very good public for non reality stuff.

9. What is the happiest place in the world, according to you?

10. How would you describe your (future/pretended) parenting style?

11. What do you think is the most important lesson we need to instill on boys?
Dunno. Mine has been the teacher so far. He taught me responsibility the hard way. Still learning.

Tag your it!

1. My precious little thoughts
2. DanBlogs994
3. MrsMommyJohnson
4. Lhuwenkai
5. JhaneelLockhart

I have stumbled upon those people and their blogs, and it made me either think or laugh.

 – Now is the time for me to ask you, nominees, questions… –

But I’m lazy. And it’s 10 PM here. So I’ve asked the Internets. But they did not return me inspiring matter. So I asked the Internets about the rules of this award. To back up my laziness, and also because I have to go back to study my lesson on cognitive psychology. And one set of rules did not mention questions. I decided to follow them. But feel free to answer Irene’s questions, they were fun and tough. Fough.

The rules

If you’re up for this tag award, please add a link to this post in yours. Answer my questions, nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and think up 11 questions for them.

(Okay I do not even have 11 bloggers. Hahaha!)

Lazily yours,

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