#14 “Magic is what you do” – if you do. So do it now.

This is odd and funny, doing new and out of my element is not something new and out of my element. Well, let me explain: I believe that in life, you have huge challenges to overcome and decisions to make and risks to take or mitigate. And I hate hesitation, dwelling, doubts, all these things that hinder you and prevent you to live what you have to live.

So true. So nice to go outside and start new things.

I do things, or I don’t.

Of course I hesitate and dwell and doubt too, once in a while. But I try to do as much as possible before I stop. And I die.
So when the real deal challenges, decisions and risks happen, as I’m trained not to fear new and out of my element, I do not think too long. And do.

Maybe the last time I did something new and out of my element was last week when I finally boarded this plane to Singapore. But not really, because a few years ago I boarded a train to Germany. And Taiwan before… Oh, but now I came with my toddler. Yes, I boarded the plane alone with a now 3 year-old child, not knowing what would come next.

Maybe the last time was yesterday when I accepted to start working 20 days prior to what was told. I still have neither kindergarten nor flat, but hey, I am convinced that with a little luck, good time management and awesome Internets, I’ll make it fall into place.

Maybe the last time was this morning when Babylove and I brought Love with the taxi to the airport for his business trip. The taxi driver asked me if he should wait and bring us back to the hotel. And I said: “Hm… no, we’ll walk, thanks.”
That was stupid by the way, it was long and tiring because after half a hour I had to carry BL (the stroller is in the container somewhere near Africa – or maybe some Somalian pirates have already taken a hold on it… No please no!).
Also, instead of going west, I went east because I have no clue about directions. But that was awesome because the temperature was not too high, we discovered another part of the city, and we had breakfast in a very nice park with a family we just met.

But that’ll be a lie, cause I do that often. Getting lost and breakfast with strangers. This is odd and funny.

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