French media: “Oh no, French people died in Nepal!”

What about the Nepalese. 3,000 died, no?

French media: “Don’t give a shit. Oh yeah, let’s mention it down there.”


By the way, I am so annoyed sometimes. In French I have a wonderful broad and various vocabulary for insults. We have very neat ones for any situation / person you may encounter in your life, be it good or bad. But English insults fail me most of the time. I don’t know any – that makes me very polite now that I don’t live in my country anymore. My mother would be so proud. And I believe there are not that many. So frustrating.
Today at the pond with the turtles, there was this guy smoking. Then he threw his cigarette in the water and left. The American lady next to me said: “Oh! So disgusting and stupid, in front of children.” And I said: “Baltringue.”
About the guy, not the lady.


Mondays are assholes sometimes.

Really. I wish you a happy and successful start in the week.

One thought on “Assholes

  1. creakingbones says:

    It’s a great word. Can be both noun and an adjective. Here in the land of OZ it’s use is very popular, particular when describing a yobbo who throws cigarette butts. As for English insults, alas, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to find one for you.
    Loved your turn of phrase. Who needs English insults anyway.

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