Just a beer with my jet-lag. No, no kayak. I’ll be fine. Thanks.

Not that I ain’t happy and so forth and so on, but would someone just hit me now?

I’d like to sleep. I like the pool and the mosquitoes and Babylove flies literally instead of walking – he’s so excited. Well, not literally let’s say he jumps and bounces with every step and I do believe that if gravity did not apply he would fly higher than anyone else. Seriously.

But I’d like to sleep. After these¬†weeks of inventorying, packing, goodbying, traveling, I am served with the expected jet-lag.

As if my body was not exhausted enough, Love decided to cancel a real life-changing event: my weekend of cocooning. Why life-changing? Because I would have resourced and refreshed and made myself ready for new adventures. Instead, we’ll start the new adventures right tomorrow with kayaking and doing other cool stuff. A lot of cool stuff. I can’t even bring myself to list them now. To bond with Singapore. Our new home.

And I can’t even sleep now.
I’d like to bond with my bed. It’s in Singapore too.
And a beer. I’d like to bond with a beer.

Funny that I crave a beer now that I am out of Germany РI even start to think in German while I am learning Mandarin.
It’s 2:20 AM now. We go kayaking in six hours.
I’ll take a beer at noon – I feel rebel-ish. Okay, and the kayak. With the jet-lag. Yes thank you.

2 thoughts on “Just a beer with my jet-lag. No, no kayak. I’ll be fine. Thanks.

    • Chili Jess says:

      Let’s see. If I manage my year exams in psycho while working, moving around, faking to raise my child, making new friends, and kayaking… then I’ll definitely walk around with a S on my chest. Yeah.


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