#13 “Give it some time” and love and a flight ticket.

Love: “Hello sweetheart. How was your day?”

Babylove: “…”

Love: “Hey, I’m there. Look at the camera. Papa wants to see your face. Take off Nuggy from your mouth. I don’t hear what you’re saying.”

Babylove: “…hm… Nuggy stays. You’re not there.”

Love: “I’m here. Now. Look at me. How was your day at the kita? It was almost your last day. Tomorrow you have a little party? Do you still play with Miqui and Joni? And Fioni? Have you seen Eva this weekend?”

Babylove: “…”

Love: “Maman told me that you saw a real cave bear! Wow! Were you with Eva? Did she walk alone or was she carried? Maman said that you walked as long as possible and then you were very very tired! What a strong boy! But it’s okay, Maman needs to get stronger!”

Babylove: “…”

Love: “Come on, schatzi, give me a smile! Look, Papa eats a dragon fruit. Do you want a dragon fruit too? We can share! What did Maman cook for you? Show me?”

Babylove: “…”

Love: “Gimme a hug! Papa wants a bisou! I will be sad if you let me go to sleep without kissing me good night.”

Babylove: “You’re not there. It’s too difficult to hug you.”

Love: “Ah at last! You can send me a butterfly kiss and I’ll receive it. Are you happy to come to Singapore? Only ten┬ádays and you are there with me! You will take a flight, then hop! I’ll be there. Papa is happy to see you very soon!”

Babylove: “When is soon? Tomorrow?”

Love: “…”

Me: “Not tomorrow but only ten big sleeps and poof! Singapore here we are!”

Babylove: “Maman? Can I take Joni and Eva?”

Love: “They’ll come to visit us very soon.”

Babylove: “When is soon? Maman?”

Love: “Hello! Papa is here. I will go to bed now. Do you want to give me a kiss?”

Babylove: “Tschuessi Papa.”

And off he went.

4 thoughts on “#13 “Give it some time” and love and a flight ticket.

    • Chili Jess says:

      Thank you.
      This is a emotional time for my son. I realized that his world is coming to an end. All he knows that was stable crumbles around him and he punishes the person he thinks responsible the only way he knows that works best.
      Children are fascinating.
      Hopefully next week everything will be simple again. Papa, Maman, Babylove.


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