“You can’t overdose on music”. True story.

This morning the gentleman from the relocation company called to tell me that he had just got the authorization from the city to park the container truck in front of the house and block the street. In a few days, my stuff will be shipped. Again. To a new home. There’s no place like home.

  • Stromae – Tous les mêmes

After a few years living abroad, your home country always looks distorted-ly brighter and warmer. With the best food in the world. Well, France does have the best food in the world and I dare you to tell me otherwise. I thought so. I would have not listened anyway.

What was I saying? Ah yes, your home country. I am not particularly patriotic yet I do love my country. And sometimes I miss it. Those days I binge-stalk my friends on Facebook, I Skype with those available – and consider to remove friendships with those who refused me their shoulders for an indefinite time of four minutes -, or I binge-watch French YouTube videos.

Okay, this one up there is from Belgium. I don’t care. Stromae reminds me of France. Beautiful, oddly fancy, growl-y. He definitely has the touch.

And he can easily lift up my mood.

  • Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

Having something that elevates your spirits no matter what is a blessing. I am so thankful to my family. They have the music in the blood and my childhood homes have been filled with music every waking hour. Or so. My mother used to dance while she was bearing me in her womb.
Also, I am very VERY lucky to be a metisse. It’s the French word for “mixed person”, I just do not like to use mix. I’ve never been through a blender. Not that I remember at least. Metissage means a lot of things, but mainly to me, it means that I listen as well to classical music as to Zouk music or whatever reaches my ears.

This is totally something I want to pass on to Babylove. I even think that I exceeded my target – he now requests his own tubes. That’s okay as long as our tastes coincide, but sometimes, he’s blocked on repeat. That’s a bit annoying.

Crazy is a song that we share and we can listen to over and over every morning. When he really does not want to get out of the bed and starts to grumble and makes this face of very unhappy child, I put on YouTube and go to My favorites. It’s the first one. Well, there are only four videos in my favorites. Easy.

  • Busta Rhymes vs Eminem – I’ll hurt you

But then, if he really really REALLY does not want to get up… I play the second favorite.
“Faut pas pousser Meme dans les orties quand meme”* as we say in French. I can be a horrible mother sometimes.

Three is a good number. Not too short and not too long. And as for any kind of competition, the podium remains while the players may change. This is life.


*“Don’t push Grandma into the nettles.” It does not sound quite the same. Does anyone have a real idiomatic translation for that one?

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