#12 “The future belongs to the energetic” or do responsible things on Monday mornings to free the rest of the week for what really matters

I am already awake for a few hours and I feel going back to bed. I’ve been taking care of responsible stuff and this is quite harsh for a Monday. Understanding the difference between HDB and condos in Singapore; reading about the districts and their particularities; checking each and every kindergarten webpage. Making up my mind about hiring a maid or not. That’ll be weird. Normally I use my step-mother.

Ah and I had an interview with a potential future employer! He’s working now on getting a Working Permit for me. That may sound like nothing, but it represents my independence. I love Love, but I love me too. Of course spending his money poses me no issue – we’re a couple. What’s his is mine. Sometimes the other way around too. However it would have been complicated to stay in the country as a tourist and raise our child leaving every three months – though I love being a tourist. Plus I think there is a limit to this strategy. And although I totally respect the choice of all the women getting married to be on a dependent visa (what we considered too), I am happy not to bend to those backward obligations. Not the marriage, the recognition coming with it. I love marriage. I even wish me one anytime soon. I do not love the idea that I must get married to get my couple recognized by the society.

See? Lots of responsible thoughts this morning.

I woke up early.

Also did I mention that it is snowing here?

Really. I wish you a happy and successful start in the week.

In fact it is not that bad because I have some activities in mind for Babylove – four days of weekend in Germany. Those long breaks remind me how I envy the mothers with endless imagination. They can pull a new idea out of their… sleeves anytime they want. I have to spy on Pinterest. Sometimes I even ask Babylove to point at what he’d like to do. Luckily it’s snowing today. If we run and play and snow fight enough, he’ll sleep through the afternoon.
I’ll have some time for myself watching a movie cleaning the fridge work on my semiotics assignment. Zut. I had forgotten this one.


6 thoughts on “#12 “The future belongs to the energetic” or do responsible things on Monday mornings to free the rest of the week for what really matters

  1. Kuromu101 says:

    It definitely is difficult to move to another country and learn the “roots”, and even more on Monday.
    From being a tourist to becoming a citizen is a drastic change, because you will end up seeing some aspects you cannot see as a tourist, but the support of your loved one is a great advantage.
    I also agree with you about marriage: it should not be necessary to be recognized by society. We are all equal as we are all human beings after all.
    Finally, I liked how your last sentence because of the way you used the ‘strikethrough’ option, which is something I never thought of before.

    Keep the good job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. darkjasm says:

    Happy Monday for you, Jess! Are you going to move to Singapore?

    “I do not love the idea that I must get married to get my couple recognized by the society”.

    Society sometime push us to take what we don’t like to be a part of our life.


    • Chili Jess says:

      Yes I am!
      My partner has already been there for the past week and even started working for a few days.
      Babylove and I follow in now two weeks.
      Yes. Well, we’ve been lucky so far because as we are Europeans, and so far we’ve lived in different European countries, we had the idea but did not HAVE TO comply. Although there are many advantages in both our countries (Germany and France) in being married.
      But moving to Singapore has been… a bit more challenging. That was a surprise for me, that such a new and modern country has the backwardest rules of old Europe.


      • darkjasm says:

        Welcome to Asia, then. We have many more old fashion rule that sometime advantage us but in other time, also took us few steps back. Just enjoy it, i wish the very best for your new life in Singapore! 😀


  3. this abundant life says:

    Our best friends just moved to Singapore about six months and love it. They have four young children who are in a great school and they really feel at home. They have traveled all over the region over holidays and are having an amazing experience. Best of luck to you!

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