Life is NOT too short. Only, time does not go backward.

Oh my. I’ve been cleaning and sorting out this and that for the past hours. Smoothing up the relocation has become my priority. No, living among boxes and crates turns me into a psycho beast. Not my fault, it’s OCD. Things have to be in the right place here and there, and believe me even without OCD you wouldn’t want to stay now. You’d be endangered: bruises, injuries and maybe death. Last night around 3 AM, after debating with myself for half an hour, I finally got up to go to the bathroom. Let me tell you that I regretted it dearly.

So I’ve been cleaning up. Until I found my camera. I took a break and checked the pictures up. Oh, look at this picture from our winter vacation – and this picture from… when again? I went on and on. Three years of pictures. I started short before Babylove’s birth.

Life is not too short in my humble opinion. Fate gave us just the right amount of time to do what we have and want to do with our free will. I sort of believe in fate and free will at the same time – I don’t know why I am saying that and I don’t remember my point, but it seemed important to say it a few minutes ago.

Life is not too short. Life is ephemeral.


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