“To burn always with this hard gem-like flame” (Walter Pater)

I believe that happiness is not something you have, take or pursue.

It’s something given to you by little random moments and people in your life. A state of mind you are in.

Happiness comes from within

You know, don’t you, this emotion in you when you kiss your child’s head and breathe a little bit of his/her scent, a mix of love and diaper and baby cream. The feeling which invades you the first day of real sunshine and warmth after winter. The sight of your partner, even if you would sometimes rather put a pillow on his/her face than your lips. A Skype date with your best friend and a glass of wine. The endorphin rush after a run on the river bank.

I’ve met and talked to so many people looking for something they won’t find. This happiness marketed by very good advertisers – even I get to question my choices sometimes: am I right not to have this awesome silver car? Should I start a diet to enter those skinny jeans (they don’t pass my calves!)? I don’t have a smartphone, can’t be reached all day… is that right for my friends? Will I miss something?

This way is IMHO just wrong.

Once, I thought about gaining some breasts. Then I got pregnant and big breasts. They remained after the pregnancy, and that was just so annoying – I could not sleep my face in the pillow anymore and running was a bit awkward. Also, my body changed since Babylove’s birth. I am a mother, I love it.

Happiness is not something you have, take or pursue. And especially not in the outside world. It’s within. It’s everyday and everywhere.

It’s not something you control. It’s given. Everyday and everywhere. You just need to recognize it. Now.

Lots of things happened in my life – great stuff and awful stuff. Life is the greatest opportunity.

Thus my tagline would be “to burn always with this hard gem-like flame.”


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