Do not kill the neighbors Friday!

Isn't it a beautiful once in a decade Friday? Gives me peps for the weekend

Even if you really want to. Murder is inconvenient, especially if you have a child: if you get caught, who’ll be taking care of the little one?

Brush your teeth. Particularly before going to bed. Even after the party of your life.

Work out and run often. You never know when you’ll have to escape uncomfortable situations. And being healthy to live longer to do lots of things in your lifetime is important. I personally always feel complaining about the short span we have. I need just more time.

Walking the twisted line

2 thoughts on “Do not kill the neighbors Friday!

  1. Chili Jess says:

    Hahaha! I feel you on the stairs topic. But wait just to have a 25 kilo toddler to carry up and down everyday 15656 times a day! That’s another reason why I need to stay fit. Or to find a flat at the ground floor.


  2. Jhaneel says:

    I’ve got the first two down. If only I could get into running.. I’ve been working out more lately, but still the three extremely steep flights of stairs to my apartment continue to get the better of me.


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