Eat healthy. Wear fast-food.

“In addition to the hamburger apparel”…

No. No no no no. No.
I don’t want to know what comes in addition to the apparel. What am I supposed to build on this “Third From the Top” sentence?

What did my grand-mother use to say again?.. Ah yes, she would take my hand whenever I would slow down in front of a Mac Do in Paris and look straight into my eyes through her fancy golden glasses. Then she would smile and say wisely: “Women like us can’t eat this food from the devil, love. You don’t look good while eating it. You don’t look good after – it stays on the hips.”

I’m not a big fan of fast-food anyway. But I love burgers – I told you already that I love meat, didn’t I?
The Swedes made a clever move: if you can’t eat it nor make love to it… wear it.

I’m lovin’ it,

2 thoughts on “Eat healthy. Wear fast-food.

    • Chili Jess says:

      Hahaha! I hope you’re proud of it. What’s in your plate shows what’s in your heart, we say in France. Or maybe I made that up, I don’t remember. We have so many sayings related to food… Sometimes I dream stuff and I confuse it with the reality.


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