#7 “My bad” or take ownership and have a great day

This morning was horrible. I woke up tired after a short bad night, I almost missed the bus to go to where I had to go, I met uncool people who did not do their job, I had to sit and wait in a Starbucks for almost two hours. With a bad cappuccino. Expensive even. Horrible!

Most certainly, we are no trees!

Part of growing up, I figure, is to recognize that the one mate to whom you owe your fate is: YOU. Your decisions, your actions, your take out of life. Sometimes (often for me), your non-decisions, your non-actions, your denial of any responsibility.

This morning I have learnt a few new rules. I feel grownup-er already.

1. Ensure your beauty sleep, deal with administrative stuff on time (and share your schedule imperatives with your partner)

I went to bed late last night because Love came back from his stupid football game so late. I needed to deal with last minute administrative matters with Love. Which had become last minute because I had not dealt with it earlier. I dislike very much administrative matters.

2. Avoid dangerous situations, stop staring

The bus driver arrived early. He had spotted me running like a mad chick and had I not thrown myself in front the bus, he would have simply left! I woke up tired, and spent long minutes staring at the void and pulling myself together. Then I stared at my wardrobe. I had not prepared my clothes for today. Then I stared at the coffee machine. Until I decided to boil water for the tea. That I realized I had no time to drink. Then Babylove whined a little and it reminded me of the time (he wakes up every morning more or less at the same time). I stole a little bisou which turned into a long hug (my baby’s too cute). Only then I left. The bus was early. At this early hour, the bus is always early because there is almost no traffic. I did run like a mad and the driver did spot me. And closed the doors. I did throw myself in front. That was dangerous and fun. It worked. I could have been there before.

3. Turn every setback into an opportunity to learn, re-think and read (and go out without money)

Waiting can be so annoying. It was so annoying. Two long hours! I could have:

  • been home cleaning my bathroom
  • watched 2 episodes of something
  • listened to this awesome new song I don’t know yet
  • finished this book laying under my bed
  • gone for a 15 km run (for the first time)
  • gardened… done… stuff

Especially, I could have not spent money in this bad cappuccino. They never know how to make the foam. Okay, truth be told, I could have sit on a bench outside. I am so annoyed!.. But it’s okay. Because I could read the mandatory book for my social psychology class. Two hours were offered to me, in a place where I had no other distraction to postpone this reading. I had the time to sit, learn something about the job I want to get, learn something about myself.

4. Be organized, maintain an agenda

Last week I went to this administrative office to talk to some administrative people about some administrative stuff. I’d got an appointment. For today.

My memory does not work very well when it comes to adm. matters. I dislike very much adm. matters. Usually I think of taking note of the date and time. Not this time. So I remembered the date. I arrived two hours early.
Happy with myself to see no “customer” queuing – I was so right to come for around opening time – I knocked at the door and entered after the lady in charge had acknowledged me. Trough the glass door, I could see the workers doing or not doing… chatting and laughing with one another. I smiled, asked the lady in my best German if now was a good time to go through my papers. I showed her my perfect file, with every requested copy inside. A stake of 36 pages.

She looked at my name, at my face, at the clock, and said: “Our appointment is at 10.30. I’ll have the time then.”

Just like that, she went back to her chatting with her colleague next desk. About Germany Next Top Model. I curse you Heidi! I smiled, took my perfect file, and left.
I cursed Heidi, the lady, her colleague, Germany, administrations in general, the bus, the narrow-mindedness of everyone around me, my stupid knee (a bit painful with all the running I do these days)… for five minutes.

But the sun was too bright and my mood too good – it’s much less exhausting to be in a good mood than in a bad mood, I find. So I walked and entered a Starbucks. And reflected upon a bad cappuccino.
I could have known. If she knew the time, I should have too. I just did not care enough.

My bad.

Which finally turned into good: I grew up a little.
I took responsibility.

I will do more of that. Responsibility taking. But not too much, okay?

“Don’t be afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.”
– Chinese proverb


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