“Do one thing every day that challenges you” or Sunday is dead long live Monday!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Wall.”

There are many walls that I have seen and thought: “Wow! So inspiring!” And that’s odd because I do not like walls, or doors, or anything closed for that matter. I like big spaces and clear mind. Or at least this is how I see myself. When I told Love this exact thing, he laughed and told me to check again the pics I had chosen.

Then I realized: how funny!

  • If you compare where I come from – see? I am talking about the messy walls on the Paris pictures. Everything is narrow messy a bit dirty in Paris, and this is how beautiful it is… Paris I miss you. Sometimes.
  • with where I have lived – now look at the Taiwan pic. Haha! So typical. They even tell you with a pic how to poop properly. Don’t you dare mess around!
  • and where I have been – Warsaw is a complex beautiful modern and falsely old city. There is space, and high buildings, and waffles. People look a bit cold but they are in fact very nice. And very deep, underground.

I realized: I am in the middle of where I come from and where I go. I do like wide spaces clear of mind now, where I can better mess around. I have grown and evolved a little already. How fantastic to realize that!

After a shit weekend (weather wasn’t great, I wasn’t great, Babylove was great and I couldn’t follow, Love still on football weekend) what an amazing Monday morning epiphany. I love that.

Happily starting the week,

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