#5 “I am not afraid” or if life gives you lemon, go to zumba

Though I must say: I love lemon.

I have said in the previous post that I had a shit weekend. Seriously, it was that bad. Happens. C’est la vie as we say.

This morning I had Love on the phone – I had not wanted to tell him during his escapade how bad I felt and ruin everything, so I just blurted it out this morning on his way back – and he sent me this stupid motivation quote:

I am so amazed that no matter how cynical I perceive myself, these quotes still work on me. My brain is just ready for any marketing BS. A shame.

And also this text: ” Stop complaining. Go running. Respond to a challenge. Do something. It’s 6 AM. Or go back to sleep.”

So I first went back to sleep – I always choose facility, remember? I opened my eyes again at genau 6.08 AM. Hm, he was right. I had spent my weekend complaining in my head (I had to, because as responsible BL can sometimes be for an almost 3 year old child, I can’t simply share everything with him all the time) and now was another day and anyway I could not go back to sleep. My nose was blocked – I think I caught a cold.

So I put on my running clothes and took my jumping rope (I had spotted it yesterday while sorting what I would take to Singap and what would stay with Oma) and went down in the common garden. Jumped for 25 min, until my heart and my lungs begged me to stop. It’s quite nice as a workout. I felt grateful to Love – he made me quit smoking (threatening he would not kiss me anymore).

Back home, Babylove was still sleeping. Not yet 7 AM. So I opened my emails and the first one was probably from Providence. I mean no, it was from Pinterest, still, funny enough, it was about Yoga and fitness.

It's easier looked at than done. I assure you.

I thought, hey, why not?

20 minutes later Babylove joined me in the living room and yoga-ed with. So damn cute. He asked “Encore!” We were in a very good mood, thus I put on a short Zumba video.

I pass on the daily routine with BL, but let me tell you that the return of the sun and the warmth contributed a lot in our good mood. We even arrived on time at the kita.

The time I sat down to write this post, I had done everything I had on my to-do list for today. I opened my laptop to write a post. This exact post. I was happy and needed to share it.
Then Love called me. He asked what I did that challenged me.  I paused. I realized, hm, nothing much actually. Physically, maybe a bit. But intellectually? Pause.
I looked at this post and thought. I’m satisfied. Yes. Oh, I remember, they do have challenges and such here.

Finally, after very little search, I found what made my day even brighter: a photo challenge! Ah, so relieved.

Now my morning is complete.
I love Mondays and all the new things a new week / day brings along.
So true. So nice to go outside and start new things.

Happily starting the week,

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