#3 “Under the duvet day” or there will always be a post in you better than a movie out there

Today is a day without.
I am not sure that you can say that in English, Love often always tells me that I should hang out more with native speakers and improve and stop inventing vocabulary and idioms that don’t exist.
I do it even in French, but I get why he’s complaining – he starts to copy me.
Anyway, today is a day without.
Without sun. Without motivation. Without peps. My body woke up tired at 6.00 AM and took my brain down the dark path. It’s Friday so I really hope it won’t last the weekend. Especially because they forecast cold and wetness tomorrow. Me no likey.

Today is a day without. I don’t wanna cook, but I’ll do it anyway. Babylove needs to eat and Oma (Love’s mother who is spending some time with us before the big journey to Singapore) is a fake grand-mother. She’s awesome at playing and being nice when I am strict and has so much patience. Even with her own child – and I don’t. But she would cook noodles with cheese and ketchup if I let her do. And if I allowed ketchup in my fridge.

How odd. I want ketchup now. I feel having something greasy and comforting. Which would leave me hungry 15 minutes later. With a weird feeling of guilt. I don’t often feel guilt. I am hungry. I have been hungry all day. I have already eaten 2 cups of muesli, half a roasted chicken (I had to clean the guts, burn the feathers, season it and wait for it to roast for a entire hour cause my oven is weird), 3 broetchen, the rest of the goat cheese in my fridge, a small box of corn with some cherry tomatoes (I prefer those, tastier and colourful)… Maybe I should not have run this morning with empty belly. Or maybe it’s the weather.
I did not do much today. I did some stuff, administrative BS, had some calls, bid farewell to Love (he just left on a boy-football-tour for the weekend). And then I cooked and ate. And watched stuff on the internets.
Hm. But, there is some light: I am writing this post. This is nice because I fight this terrible urge in me to be off today. Blogging-wise. And maybe start tomorrow again.
This is the down side of mania. If you let things go for just a little while when you’re tired, you almost never catch up again. A new bright awesome idea / project has started already to explode in your brain before you’re back in shape.
So today is a day without. But a day without still on my track for change. A day without with blogging.
How do you fight your under the duvet time usually? Do you fight it at all? Okay, maybe if you have a real job and you’re responsible, you don’t even dwell on such question… ou bien?



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